The mascot of Eurosport Varese 2019

Varry, endearment of Varese, will be the mascot of Eurosport - Varese 2019, and like any self-respecting mascot he made his first appearance in Brussels 2 (Woluwe), when the Varese delegation presented the 2019 edition of the games, at the term of the Eurosport 2017 competitions.

From that moment Varry has always been present at every event linked to Eurosport 2019, from official presentations to parties organized for fundraising, always available to be photographed and resume, and constantly ready to intervene in every activity.

Varry will obviously be on the front line also and especially during the days of Eurosport, always present on the playgrounds to cheer for all the participants, to congratulate the winners and always ready with a word of comfort for the losers.

In Varese, in 2019, Varry will be your BEST FRIEND!!!

Varry cannot wait to meet you ... what about you?



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